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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HALO Global Research & Investment Platform?

The HALO Global Research & Investment Platform (GRIP) is cloud-based that has been developed by market professionals who have been actively investing in global equity markets for many decades.

The platform delivers institutional-grade analytical research tools to everyday investors, allowing them to make more informed and confident investment decisions. HALO offers investors global company and market insights coupled with a market-leading omnibus and custody trading interface making it one of the most powerful investment platforms available on the market today.

Can I execute trades through HALO?

Yes, you can trade through HALO provided that you have an active Macrovue subscription. With HALO and Macrovue you can invest in over 20,000 global equities and ETFs across 23 different exchanges – including the ASX, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and more.

Can I upload my current portfolio holdings into HALO?

Yes, you can! Upload your historical transactions and see what HALO says about your portfolio. Compare performance against important benchmarks or take advantage of HALO’s insights into the shares that you are currently holding.

Which type of investor is HALO suitable for?

HALO is suitable for most types of investor. Whether you are an active or passive investor, HALO is the solution for you. 

For long term investors, HALO makes it easy to pick great investments while identifying ideal opportunities to accumulate. For more agile investors, know the right time to buy and sell with guided entry and exit points.


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