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Halo Global

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HALO Global has been designed by professional fund managers to give investors more features to help them save time, make smarter investment decisions and better manage their portfolios.

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More Data, Better Research

While other research platforms may only show a historical snapshot of a company’s financials, HALO is able to deliver more insights for investors with predictive forecast data from the world’s biggest research firms and brokers

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Global Investing, Simplified

With HALO you can invest in over 30,000 global equities and ETFs across 35 different exchanges – including the ASX, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and more. It has never been simpler to invest in the world's biggest and fastest-growing companies. 

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Macrovue Platform

White-Label International Investing Platform

Macrovue is an intuitive trading platform that makes it easy to invest in the world’s biggest and best performing shares and ETFs. Not sure where to start? Try our customisable thematic portfolios or build one yourself! 

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International Share Trading

Macrovue's next-generation platform provides easy and low-cost access to international shares and ETFs. Our fee structure is among the simplest and most competitive in the market while providing access to over 20,000 shares and ETFs around the globe.

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Customisable Thematic Portfolios

Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world's biggest trends and most innovative companies. Try one of our 24 ready-to-invest share portfolios or build your own for clients to invest in.

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