Global Investing, Simplified

With HALO you can invest in over 30,000 global equities and ETFs across 30 different exchanges – including the ASX, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and more. It has never been simpler to invest in the world’s biggest and fastest growing companies.

Powerful Investment Tools

HALO makes institutional-grade investment tools accessible to Advisers and Investment Professionals. Designed by professional fund managers, HALO offers more features that help our users become better informed and make more confident investment decisions.

Better Portfolio Management

Better understand your client’s portfolio and the companies they hold with HALO’s advanced portfolio management tools. Receive updates and alerts on the companies that matter to you.


Save time, make more informed
investment decisions and
easily manage your
client’s portfolio

Supercharge your research and instantly scan the share market for the best stocks that match your investment criteria with HALO’s powerful ProTools Scanner. Turn your scans into watch lists that update on-demand as new companies match your criteria.
At the core of HALO's company analysis tools is our market-leading Charting Interface. Truly understand a company by clearly visualising Price, Profitability, Market Expectations, Events and Signals. Fully customise the chart to your specifications and receive alerts for the information that is important to you including which stocks to trade today.
Unique to HALO are hand-picked thematic share portfolios known as Vues. These 26 ready-to-invest share portfolios feature 10 professionally selected companies centred around a global investment theme. HALO makes stock trading simple and accessible to everyone.
Designed by professional fund managers, HALO brings institutional-grade research tools to everyday investors. Take the guesswork out of when to buy and sell with HALO Signals and find the best stocks to invest in. Identify ideal entry and exit points to help improve your overall portfolio performance.

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Questions some investors ask

HALO Technologies Holdings Limited (HALO Technologies) is an Australian Fintech that produces marketing leading equities research and investment technology. HALO Technologies is globally oriented and creates products self-directed investors (HALO Global) and financial professionals (HALO Professional).

Yes, with a HALO Trading account users can create their own ready-to-invest portfolios using the Custom Vue feature.

Yes, users can both analyze and trade shares using Halo Global. Simply create a free HALO Trading account and you can start investing in companies around the world.

No, it is not currently possible to trade stock market futures in HALO Global. Instead of stock futures, we offer direct execution in 30,000 shares and ETFs as well as access 25 ready-to-invest thematic portfolios.