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Market-leading Tools Developed by Experienced Investment Professionals

HALO Technologies has established itself a leading, global provider and developer of financial services and technology. By combining expert knowledge and superior technology HALO Technologies has been able to deliver institutional-grade investment tools to everyday investors.

As HALO Technologies continues to grow, we are dedicated to developing superior financial technology products for commercial users and financial professionals. 

Dynamic & Experienced Leadership

Based in Sydney, and with an office in Melbourne, HALO Technologies Pty Ltd is led by a dynamic management team with decades of experience in financial markets and technology.

Our mission is to create powerful market-leading FinTech products that are accessible to all investors in both the consumer and professional space. 

At the heart of our business is our team. HALO Technologies strives to hire exceptional talent from around the world to help deliver on our mission and who represent our core values. 

As our company continues to grow at a rapid rate, we look to deliver our products and services into new exciting markets. 


Halo Technologies Timeline

November 2017

The HALO Platform is born

The first version of the HALO Platform was created by Fund Manager, Nicolas Bryon, in November of 2017 to bring together the tools he needed to be effective in the market.

January 2018

HALO Technologies is incorporated

Following the success of the initial launch of the flagship HALO Global product, HALO Technologies Pty Ltd is registered in January of 2018.

February 2019

HALO VIP service is created

HALO launches its VIP service for clients looking for extra guidance, support and training. 

May 2019

Acquisition of Macrovue

HALO Technologies completes the acquisition of the Australian-owned and operated Macrovue Investment Platform and its team.

September 2019

Investment into DomaCom Australia (ASX: DCL)

HALO Technologies became a substantial shareholder of fractional investment platform DomaCom Australia Limited.

October 2019

HALO Americas is released, starting the process towards global coverage

In late 2019, HALO extended its data into North America signalling the start of global coverage for HALO version 2.0 users. 

November 2019

HALO Lite replaces IRESS Investor for AAIG clients

In November of 2019, HALO Technologies completes development of HALO Lite for clients of AAIGL Group previously using IRESS Investor. 

March 2020

HALO Mobile version 1.0 released to App Store & Google Play

HALO Technologies releases the first version of the HALO Mobile app, a companion to the HALO Platform.

April 2020

HALO goes global with the addition of HALO Asia and HALO EMEA

The platform relaunches as the HALO Global Research & Investment Platform (GRIP) following the addition of Asian and European data.

November 2020

HALO version 3.0 is released

HALO Technologies releases its latest version of the HALO Global Research & Investment Platform including complete global trading functionality, improved User Interace (UI) and the integration of B2B Research.

February 2021

HALO Mobile version 3.0 released

HALO Technologies launches the latest version of its mobile application which includes miniaturisation of the desktop app, mobile trading for users with Macrovue accounts, and the introduction of the new HALO Quote Tool for free users.

March 2021

HALO Global Trading Report is launched

HALO Technologies launches a new equities research product called the HALO Global Trading Report (GTR), which provides clients with weekly trade ideas from the equity research team at Macrovue.

Halo Global

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HALO Global provides investors with a wide array of tools to make more informed and confident investment decisions. From research to execution, HALO helps investors to save time and money while boosting their portfolio returns.

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