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What is a Vue?

Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world's biggest trends and most innovative companies. Try one of our 24 ready-to-invest share portfolios or build your own for clients to invest in. Vues provide fast and easy access to some of the world's biggest trends and most innovative companies. Try one of our 24 ready-to-invest share portfolios or build your own for clients to invest in.


Expert research

Vues and their underlying shares selected by an investment committee with more than 50 years combined experience in global equity markets.


Ongoing monitoring

Vues are monitored daily and a comprehensive review takes place every three months. Investors are notified of any recommended portfolio changes.


Control and transparency

As the beneficial owner of the shares you know exactly what you’re invested in, and can take an active approach to trade size and timing.



Unlike most ETFs, Vues are concentrated share portfolios that aim to outperform industry benchmarks and indexes.



We charge a competitive research fee when investing in a Vue. There are no ongoing performance or administration fees.

Vues you can invest in

Our 23 Vues are built around themes that reflects long-term structural trends, issues or investment styles – like artificial intelligence, clean technology and high dividends.

Vues Vue type One year return
One month return
Dividend yield
Big Oil Investment Styles 56.62% 4.98% 3.16% Learn more
India Global Trends 16.13% -2.10% 1.25% Learn more
Feed the World Global Issues 13.49% -1.28% 1.08% Learn more
High Quality Investment Styles 11.75% 1.88% 2.03% Learn more
Intl. High Dividend Investment Styles 10.58% 0.89% 6.54% Learn more
5G Wireless Technology Global Trends 9.91% 0.71% 1.04% Learn more
Warren Buffett Top 10 Investment Styles 8.92% -0.54% 2.33% Learn more
Internet of Things Global Trends 4.61% -1.69% 0.99% Learn more
Car of the Future Global Trends 4.32% -1.79% 0.64% Learn more
Tech Stars Investment Styles 4.32% -1.01% 0.68% Learn more
Aussie Large Cap Investment Styles 4.3% -4.28% 4.64% Learn more
Water - Liquid Gold Global Issues 2.02% -3.01% 1.80% Learn more
Silver Haired Economy Global Trends 0.01% -9.63% 3.43% Learn more
Video Games and E-sports Global Trends -3% -3.27% 0.76% Learn more
Artificial Intelligence Global Trends -4.48% -9.90% 0.18% Learn more
Bank on it Investment Styles -5.26% -1.38% 184.16% Learn more
Luxury Goods Global Trends -6.03% -8.67% 0.91% Learn more
Clean Tech Global Issues -19.58% 1.09% 2.11% Learn more
Disruptive Technologies Global Trends -21.87% -13.68% 0.04% Learn more
Perennial Millennials Global Trends -23.11% -12.49% 0.41% Learn more
Social Media Global Trends -26.45% 0.15% 0.68% Learn more
Entertainment Investment Styles -29.11% -19.60% 0.71% Learn more
Genomics Revolution Global Trends -29.11% -16.71% 0.00% Learn more
Gaming Investment Styles -30.47% -7.15% 0.39% Learn more
Asian Healthcare Global Trends -39.74% -5.38% 0.52% Learn more
Founder Led : High Growth Global Trends -60.1% -19.73% 0.00% Learn more

The research team

With over 50 combined years’ experience in global equity markets, our investment committee use complex proprietary models to bring you the world’s best and most innovative companies.

Clay Carter

Head of Investment Committee

Clay's 30+ years of experience includes senior portfolio management roles at AMP, Legal and General Life of Australia, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management, was a key contributor to the Eureka Report, and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV.

1 | Identify Vue theme

We identify a global trend, issue or investment style that we believe makes for a compelling long-term investment story.

2 | Run quantitative model to create shortlist

We run our proprietary multi-factor share selection model to rank shares by attractiveness.

3 | Fundamental research to select shares

We conduct fundamental research to select the final 10 shares. We look at things like sustainable competitive advantage, earnings growth potential and trading multiples.

4 | Vue review and rebalance

Vues are reviewed and rebalanced (if required) quarterly or if necessitated by unexpected developments. Clients have discretion whether to implement recommended changes.


Research fee
on market value
of the holdings
Performance fee
Administration fee
Custody fee
Activity fee
Buy/sell spread

We offer a simple and competitive fee structure.

When investing in a Vue, you’ll be charged a flat 0.8% per annum research fee (calculated daily, charged monthly).

We do not charge any additional performance, administration, custody or activity fees. Buy/sell spreads do not apply either.

Normal trading costs will apply when buying and selling shares held within a Vue.

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Vues vs ETFs and Managed Funds

Vues combine the best features of ETFs and managed funds.

Feature ETFs Managed Funds Vues
Active share selection and review
High liquidity
Share transparency and control
Low fees
Tax reporting
Beneficial ownership of underlying shares

Questions some investors ask

Vues are monitored daily and formally reviewed by our investment committee on a quarterly basis – unless market conditions or significant company announcement warrant a more urgent review. If the investment committee decides to rebalance a Vue by removing a share and replacing it with another, Vue holders will be notified by email. You have the option to follow through and implement the changes in your Vue, but we do not automatically rebalance on your behalf.

Yes, you can create your own personalised Vue. Your Vue can consist of any share(s) you wish, provided they are one of the 20,000+ shares available on our platform. Research fees are not charged on custom Vues.

When you sell shares, proceeds will be credited to your account after the trade settles. Settlement generally occurs two to three business days after your sell order is executed, depending on the exchange. By default, the funds will be left in local foreign currency. If you want to convert funds to Australian Dollars, you can instruct us to do so on your behalf.