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Portfolio Overview


The Founder Led: High Growth portfolio, known as a Vue, is a concentrated portfolio of ten companies whose founder holds a position of influence in relation to the direction of the company and are typical the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), President, or Chairman.


Investment Strategy


Many investors believe founder-led companies benefit from the long-term guidance of their founders as often they see the firm as their life's work. Many hold significant "skin in the game" as they have invested a sizable chink of their net worth into their companies motivating them to think for the long-term instead of satisfying short-term milestones so that they can present a favourable earnings report which might do more harm than good over time. Their defined vision accompanied with a deep knowledge of the business means that they will act in the best interest of the shareholders as their interests are aligned. Founder status is an identifiable measure and Macrovue believes the best way to play the theme is to invest into companies that are in the early stages of a significant growth trajectory.


The investment objective is to outperform the MSCI World Ex-Australia Index (Net/AUD) over a five-year investment horizon.

This Vue is intended as a long-term investment with low stock turnover. It is reviewed and rebalanced (if required) every quarter.


3+ Years

Vue Metrics



The Founder Led: High Growth Vue may be suitable for investors who have an investment horizon of 3+ years, and a moderate risk tolerance.


The research team

With over 50 combined years’ experience in global equity markets, our investment committee use complex proprietary models to bring you the world’s best and most innovative companies.

Clay Carter

Head of Investment Committee

Clay's 30+ years of experience includes senior portfolio management roles at AMP, Legal and General Life of Australia, PM Capital, QBE Insurance and Perennial Investment Partners. He has developed alternative methods to traditional market analysis and portfolio management, was a key contributor to the Eureka Report, and regularly appears on CNBC Asia and Bloomberg TV.

1 | Identify Vue theme

We identify a global trend, issue or investment style that we believe makes for a compelling long-term investment story.

2 | Run quantitative model to create shortlist

We run our proprietary multi-factor share selection model to rank shares by attractiveness.

3 | Fundamental research to select shares

We conduct fundamental research to select the final 10 shares. We look at things like sustainable competitive advantage, earnings growth potential and trading multiples.

4 | Vue review and rebalance

Vues are reviewed and rebalanced (if required) quarterly or if necessitated by unexpected developments. Clients have discretion whether to implement recommended changes.


Research fee
on market value
of the holdings
Performance fee
Administration fee
Custody fee
Activity fee
Buy/sell spread

We offer a simple and competitive fee structure.

When investing in a Vue, you’ll be charged a flat 0.8% per annum research fee (calculated daily, charged monthly).

We do not charge any additional performance, administration, custody or activity fees. Buy/sell spreads do not apply either.

Normal trading costs will apply when buying and selling shares held within a Vue.

Questions some investors ask

Vues are monitored daily and formally reviewed by our investment committee on a quarterly basis - unless market conditions are significant company announcement warrant a more urgent review. If the investment committee decides to rebalance a Vue by removing a share and replacing it with another, Vue holders will be notified by email. You have the option to follow through and implement the changes in your Vue but we do not automatically rebalance on your behalf.

We cannot provide you personal advice since we do not know your circumstances and are not licensed to do so.

However, we believe that investing in thematic Vues should be part of a broad investment strategy, where exposure to Vues gives your added diversification to your existing portfolio of assets.

Macrovue enables you to invest in portfolios of 10 shares each. Holding more shares reduces your risk relative to holding just a single company. This is because companies can operate in different parts across the value chain, in industries, and in different countries at different stages of the economic cycle. Each of these factors spreads out your risk so your portfolio becomes less sensitive to events in any one company, industry or geography.

The stock trading exchanges we work with may require a minimum trade amount, or minimum quantity per shares. When you purchase a Vue, we will tell you what the minimum amount required is.

Unlike ETFs and managed funds, Vues give you full transparency and you can add/remove shares in a Vue. While we do recommend shares in Vues and provide regular updates to the recommendations, we do not manage your portfolio for you. You will always be in full control of your investment.

When you invest in Vues, you are the beneficial owner of the individual shares, unlike managed funds and ETFs. Hence you may also receive tax benefits since tax gains and losses are not shared with other investors in a pooled vehicle.
Also, unlike index tracking ETFs, we pick stocks that we believe are likely to outperform others with exposure to the theme.

Macrovue constructs Vues designed around a theme using our in house team of investment experts that have extensive experience in financial markets with institutions such as AMP, Perennial, Legal & General, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Putnam Investments.

We also let users create and invest in their own Vues.

A Vue is a portfolio of professionally-selected shares that align to a specific market, industry, trend, theme or investment style.