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A Global Research and Investment Solution

HALO Global is your complete Global Equites Research and Investment solution, designed to save you time, find better investment opportunities, and make smarter decisions.

HALO Global delivers institutional-grade analytical research around stock recommendations inclusive of tools for you to take a calculated approach around tools for buying and selling.

Get access to over 35,000 companies
and 28 Thematic Share portfolios.

Through HALO Global, you will be able to have first-hand access on analysis and the ability to subsidise in over 35,000 shares and ETFs across more than 30 exchanges including US, China, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, and more.

Also unique to HALO Global, is access to 28 ready-to-invest thematic share portfolios such as Video Games and E-Sports, Car of the future, Defense and Aerospace, Big Oil and 5G Wireless Technology. With daily, monitoring and competitive research fees, save time and money whilst having access to well-known global companies packaged in a portfolio.

Insights and trade recommendations from
market experts

As part of the suite of products, HALO Global offers a series of research reports on updates to global markets as well as trade recommendations from HALO’s expert and Head of Research, Clay Carter. Choose from the HALO Global Trading report, American’s, ASIA or EMEA Investing reports.