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Designed to help investors save time and make smarter decisions for their portfolio.

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Powerful Tools for Everyday Investors

HALO Mobile offers users more features to help them become better investors.


Simplified Global Investing

Analyse and invest directly in over 35,000 stocks and ETFs across 35 different exchanges including the ASX, NASDAQ, NIKKEI and more.


Make Smarter Decisions

Take advantage of unique institutional-grade Signals and Monitors identifying ideal times to buy and sell a stock. HALO Mobile helps investors make the right decision for their portoflio.

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Invest with Confidence

See what the market thinks of the shares you hold with Consensus Broker Recommendations EPS Revisions from the world's largest research firms.


Save Time

Reduce your portfolio management time while remaining active with HALO Alerts. Get notified for changes in price, news, research, trends, signals and more. 


Designed by Professional
Fund Managers

Comprehensive Data Sets

HALO Mobile provides detailed financials for over 45,000 companies both historically and three years into the future. Data and analyst insights are provided by our partners at FactSet.

Secure International Investing

HALO Mobile and HALO Trading offer investors one the most safe and secure way to invest directly in international shares. HALO offers global omnibus and CHESS sponsored accounts to all users.

Dedicated Support

HALO Technologies offers all of our customers world-class customer support across our product line. Have a question about out products? Reach us by phone and email Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:30pm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is HALO Technologies?

HALO Technologies Holdings Limited (HALO Technologies) is an Australian FinTech that produces marketing leading equities research and investment technology. We are dedicated to building the best investment apps available on the market.

Can I use HALO Mobile to day trade?

Yes, HALO Mobile is an exceptional day trading app. HALO Signals help investors ideal entry and exit points in real-time, making it one of, if not, the best day trading app available. 

While there are many apps to buy stocks, HALO Mobile gives day traders more features to improve their technical trading and short-term returns.

What is HALO Mobile?

HALO Mobile is a miniaturization of the HALO Global research and investment solution. HALO Mobile can also be used as a standalone stock market app and provides investors with more features than other investment apps available on the market.

Can you buy stocks on HALO Mobile?

Yes, HALO Mobile users can invest in over 35,000 stocks and ETFs around the globe when they open a HALO Trading account. Our intuitive trading interface makes us one of the best apps for buying stocks.

While other stock trader apps might only give you access to one market, HALO Global gives you access to over 35 different exchanges around the world.

On top of this, HALO Mobile gives you world-class research tools that help you find better opportunities and make smarter investment decisions. It is because of this that we believe we have the best trading stock app on the market.

Is HALO Mobile suitable for new investors?

Yes, HALO Mobile is one of the best stock apps for beginners. Our app is feature-rich and makes institutional-grade tools accessible for everyone.

Our unique, user-friendly features mean that we are the best stocks app for newer and more experienced investors. 

Is HALO Mobile the best trading app for experienced investors?

HALO Mobile has been designed to bring experienced investors more features they need to be successful. Take advantage of institutional-grade research tools used by financial professionals and self-directed investors. 

Compared to other trading apps, HALO Mobile offers more tools and greater coverage making it the best stock trading app available. 

Who is HALO Technologies?

HALO Technologies Holdings Limited (HALO Technologies) is an Australian FinTech that produces marketing leading equities research and investment technology. HALO Tech is globally orientated and creates products self-directed investors (HALO Global) and financial professionals (HALO Professional).

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